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best board game ever

i love this game, easy to learn, easy to play

Superclub – The football manager board game

Top Six
Matthieu Boddaert
6 fois + de plaisir!

Ce jeu est canon, alors le partager à 6 copains: I love It!
A quand une extension ligue 1 France ?

We loved the game. Took some time to understand all the rules, but after that it was a great game.

Great game, you’ll want to play again and again

Easy to pick up and learn. Amazing game make sure you have at least 3 hours to play a 2 player game

Superclub caps
Jonas Karlsson

Superclub caps

Wild cards
Thomas Kirkegaard
Great support

It’s been a tough job to get the cards to my house. It took much longer than expected and at one point it looked like I would have to pay duty too. The support at Superclub has all the through it gone out of his way to find soloutions. Finally I have the cards.

Superclub – The football manager board game

Brian Kristensen


Amazingly fun game

Simple to set up and play, the games last a reasonable amount of time and all in all one of the best board games i own

Dream manager game

What a great game. So the standard version is so god and with all extra stuff you can buy it can get 10 times more fun

Lots of fun and competive

After having so much fun playing risk for many years we found a new addiction called superclub. Its great and tactical. Many things and ways to build your club. Now we ordered extensions like more players. We also ordered the licenses for real spanish player names. I hope superclub will come also with more packages with real player names. Especially english leauge 😍

Great game

Great game.

Top Six
Ian Clarke
Love it

I want a premier league pack though!

LaLiga expansion
Mark Hamer
Game changer

The La Liga expansion really does change the game compared to the base game. One of my criticisms of Superclub is that it can take too long, especially with 6 people or if you use the Powerhouses expansion. The La Liga expansion solves this to a large degree. I would say that most of the players are 3 or 4 stars which means that you get a better team much more quickly. Our games have all ended with someone getting 100 points (or even a super duper cup final).
We normally play Superclub a couple of times a month, but after we got the La Liga expansion, it has been played 2-3 times a week!

Love this game

My daughter and I have played through two games, one with just the regular game and then added the top six and powerhouse expansion. We had a blast! Adding the powerhouse expansion is a must if you have limited people to play. We are getting together with 3 other people this weekend to play a 5 person game. We can't wait! My daughter doesn't care for sports but has a blast with this game. The expansions added so many plays we cut the deck in half and didn't run out of players. If you enjoy these types of games you'll love Superclub!

Real good football manager game

Real good football manager game, captures the most concepts in an exciting way. The gameplay is straightforward and entertaining, and not too long. My sons love it and sometimes I like to play with them too :) The only possible negative that I can say is that it's somewhat easy to build up a strong defence and thus get draws most of the time which can a bit undermine the enjoyment, but it's not a big issue.

Top Six
Andreas Wittsell
Do you want to make a great game eventuellt better?

If that is the case, this expansion is for you. With the possibility to play against five friends(enemies) instead of three it gives you a whole new perspective on the game and your tactics.
The utility players who can play in all positions without losing out on their rating adds new ways to build your team and alter your starting eleven.
My only small criticism is that the dice always seem to show too few dots whether I'm trying to develop my players in training or win matches...

Arsenal Manager kit
Mathias Balck
Love it

Love how they have details added to the club. Beautiful!

Superclub – Español

Wild cards
Eli Vanto

Good add-on, but far too expensive for what you get, same as all the ads-ons; over-priced.

Manchester City player cards 2022/23
Great addition

Great addition to add a bit of realism to an already brilliant game

PSG player cards 2022/23
Oliver Perez Caceres
PSG Team

Good team addition. All the stars are in

LaLiga 2022/23 expansion
Vasco Miguel
All good

Nice adition

FC BARCELONA player cards 2022/23
Samuel Mortimer
Barcelona Player cards

Great addition to the base game by adding some real players, and a good price.