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Football's coming home.

Invite your closest rivals over for a game night they'll never forget.

  • As addictive as Football Manager

    “Football Manager introduced an addictiveness rating to their game that was both accurate and funny “Remember to eat” etc. This board game needs the same addictiveness rating. It’s that good.”
    — Mark
  • Masterpiece

    “When I first came into contact with this game I immediately fell in love. A football game in a way that is unparalleled. Ultimate class is the word I use to describe this game.”
    — B.v.E.
  • WorldClass product

    “I requested this game as my birthsday gift from my wife and it was excellent decision. Very good game play, really good quality of parts. In other curriencies it could seem quite expensive, but i think it's worth it.”
    — Mateusz
  • Greatest!

    “This is seriously the best money I have ever spent, and I have had a wedding!”
    — Dan
  • Groundbreaking

    “When a board game is able to get a group of teenagers to sit outside and play for 6 hours without a phone in sight, you know it is special. All out fantastic game”
    — Jeppe
  • Just Quality

    “Such a good Game really! Week in week out playing hours with my friends! They thought about every detail!”
    — Nolav
  • Best board game I have played!

    “The family love playing this game, even the non-football lovers!”
    — Derrick
  • Fantastisch

    “Das Spiel ist der Hammer. Die Anleitung lässt sich sehr gut verstehen und kann neben dem spielen einfach benutzt werden. Das Spiel hat einen Suchtfaktor!”
    — Moritz

Can you manage?

Superclub combines match day tactics with big picture decisions to give you football on every scale.

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