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“When I first came into contact with this game I immediately fell in love. A football game in a way that is unparalleled. Ultimate class is the word I use to describe this game.”

Superclub – The football manager board game

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You’re the newly appointed manager of a top flight football club. A decent club, not a great one. Certainly not a Superclub, although becoming one is the objective. The question is: Can you manage?

Superclub combines match day tactics with big picture decisions to give you football on every scale. Team selections, stadium expansions, staff hiring, scouting, player development – skills and luck – it’s all here!

Build a footballing powerhouse brick by brick over multiple seasons, all in one highly eventful game night. In short, Superclub is the complete experience of managing a football club in direct competition with the ones you love ... to beat.

Managers: 2-4
Age: 12+
Genre: Football, strategy, family
Language: English 🇬🇧

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Build a Superclub from scratch in fierce face-to-face competition with the ones you love to beat! 👊

Switch formations based on your opponent or select your best 11 no matter what. Up to you, boss! 🤔

Scout for undervalued players. Focus on the academy. Go crazy on Deadline Day. The choice is yours! 🤑

Superclub is top-of-the-table quality time with friends, family members and other great rivals! 🥳

Expand your Superclub experience with official licensed expansions from top European clubs and league ⚽️

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“When I first came into contact with this game I immediately fell in love. A football game in a way that is unparalleled. Ultimate class is the word I use to describe this game.”

Superclub – The football manager board game

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Superclub is easy to learn and hard to put away. Want to add to your game with some of our awesome expansions? Simply repeat these three steps.

Manage your own team

The manager folder is where you set up your team, manage your squad and place Key staff members. You get 4 team-branded folders in Superclub. They are made from custom-ordered, soft-touch, black-core paper normally used only in high-quality cards. They are gorgeous, practical, and essential to the playing experience.
*Purple utility players are not included in the base game.

Become a Superclub

Think of the main board as your league table, where you mark your points as you climb up the league. It features a double-sided design with one side in green and the other in blue. The board also has dedicated slots for cards and money etc.

Get to know The World of Football

The “Draft” and “The World of Football” boards are essential companions to the main board. The double-sided design facilitates actions like drafting, scouting, and deadline day.

Scout, sign and train players

Explore a selection of 140+ players, offering a bunch of talent to choose from. Uncover promising talents or established superstars like Garibaldi. Categorized into four types – Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, and Attacker you will find just the player you need for every position in your team.

Invest in the long-term future of your club 

Building a Superclub requires smart investments. Invest in Training, Scouting and/or Stadium, each providing unique benefits. The club pad serves as your club’s central HQ, granting you control over your investments and finance.

Key staff and Game changers

Key Staff members can be the key to victory. These talented professionals all give you an edge in their specific fields of expertise, and you can hire up to 3 of them. Game Changer cards do what it says on the tin – they change the game, but not always in a good way.

Get started with Superclub

The easy-to-learn, hard-to-master, impossible-to-dislike football manager board game.

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What's included in the game?

  • 237 Player cards
  • 37 Game changer cards
  • 24 Investment cards (level 3 and 4 is printed on both sides)
  • 20 Key staff cards
  • 18 SuperCup cards
  • 6 Captain boosts
  • 4 Point markers
  • 4 Manager folders
  • 4 Squad tokens
  • 4 Club pads
  • 1 Player draft board
  • 1 Game board
  • 1 Game rules booklet

Customer Reviews

Based on 497 reviews
Kieran Gore
Great game

Sometimes the game goes by too fast. Especially if someone has a better team than others. However, great game !

Brendan Jennings
Great for all

Played this with my eldest two sons, one is 16 and loves football, the other is 12 doesn't like football but loves a boardgame. This ticked all the boxes and we all thoroughly enjoyed it, even after 2 hours of play they both said it was not long enough to for the fun they were having. Extremely easy to pick up and play. Any confusion on rules are easily sorted by the online video. We will be buying extension packs to make the game bigger and more fun.

Jesper Jensen
Awesome game

It has so many aspects and variables. I have only tried it three times, but I’m thrilled about this game. Well done!

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Shipping worldwide 30-day money back guarantee Loved by thousands Supremely social