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Wild cards
Rasmus Raahauge
World Class

If you thought you have it all, you haven't tried wild cards expansion - just Wauw

Super Club is the best game ever made.

I have the original game, top six expansion, bundesliga, la liga expansions, the liverpool player pack and manager kit, the ac milan manager kit, the manchester city payer pack and psg player pack. I love this game. it’s the best board game i’ve ever played. Football manager is one of my favorite past times and having a board game that you can play with friends is incredible. I play it with people who love soccer and people who just love board games and the consensus is the same. This game rules.

Great game

My son loves the game

Manchester City

Great addition to the game

Simply wow

I was expecting something good, game arrived after 3 weeks and lemme tell you this.. It’s simply amazing, way better than what i’ve expected. We started at 19:00 and left the table at 04:00 (we all have jobs to attend). Maybe it’s because of my hype but it’s one of the few things that i can’t even criticize to any extend, brilliant.

Wild cards
Francesco Monti
ottima implementazione!

le wild consentono di rendere il gioco notevolmente più interessante e imprevedibile! ottima espansione!

Wild cards
Matt Ince
Game changer

The funny thing about Superclub is that I thought it was perfect. I was worried that adding Wildcards would spoil the balance of the game.

I was wrong of course and adding Wildcards has turned my 10 out of 10 game to an 11.

Veterans make you question everything about your squad and what you are looking for when scouting or on deadline day.

During the draft it’s even harder, do you take a 5 star veteran now or a 2 star talent with potential of five?

Possibly the most necessary expansion after The Top Six expansion.

AC Milan player cards 2022/23

AC Milan

A fantastic addition to the collection


Very nice game 😃

Ryan Cushing
A great expansion!

I’ve only ever played Superclub as a 2 player game, so this expansion has been great at removing the roll the dice to settle the game sim matches to feel like you’re getting the full experience of playing a 6 player game.

I love how the Powerhouses start off overpowered, so winning that first third battle, let alone a match against them, feels like a real achievement!

The only minor criticism I do have (and it is only minor!) is with, 2 players at least, it does remove the number of matches you play against each other, which are a little bit more fun.

Superclub – Deutsch
Jeremy Jäckel
Neues Lieblings-Brettspiel - genial für alle Fußballfans!

Auf den ersten Blick wirkt es wie ein Traum für jeden Fußballfan und bringt alles mit: ein Draft, Spielerentwicklungen, Taktik und ein wenig Glück.

Ich habe vorweg ein wenig zum Spiel recherchiert und bin etwas verwundert über einige Rezensionen - denn ich selbst bin absolut überzeugt. Ich wage zu behaupten, dass es sogar das beste Brettspiel ist, welches ich bislang gespielt habe. Man sollte sich lediglich im Klaren sein, dass man eine Runde nicht nebenbei mal eine halbe Stunde spielt, sondern man sich bestenfalls den ganzen Abend dafür einräumen sollte.

Man braucht zu Beginn zwar einen Moment um sich etwas reinzulesen und reinzufuchsen (ich empfehle es, sich bei youtube vorab mal ein letsplay anzusehen), aber es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall!

Fazit: Ich liebe dieses Spiel und kann es jedem Fußball- und Brettspielfan nur ans Herz legen!!!

Still good for a non football fan

I brought this so my husband would have a theme he liked when we play our board games. I was a bit worried I wouldn’t like it as I am not into football in the slightest but we had a great game playing with 3 managers and it didn’t seem long even though we were learning at the same time. Looking forward to playing this again and getting my first win.

Wild cards
Eivind Javnes

Wild cards

Top Six
Radko Mutafchiyski

Top Six is a must if you have friends

Superclub – Deutsch
Stefan Kienapfel
Spannendes Kartenspiel

Wir haben bisher 3 Spiele gemacht 1x mit 2 Leuten und 2 Spiele mit 4 Leuten.

Der draft am Anfang des Spiels bietet schonmal eine super Möglichkeit das Team zusammen zu stellen. Mit verdeckten Karten ist es gleich nochmal so spannend......
Wir haben wirklich riesig Spaß am Spiel und nutzen die Bundesliga und LaLiga Erweiterungen.

Phil Beaumont
Purchased Again!!

Bought this for the second time this time as present. Great addition to the game and takes away the no fun of the sim games. Worth buying👍

Just buy it!

Just buy it, you will love it!

Man City

Splendid pack

Wild cards
Scott Ginyard
Small box, big variety

Really like the mix of player types and traits! Gives the game some more dynamics and more strategy when building your team! Hoping for a Wild Cards sequel ;)

Wild cards
Jake Waterfall
Versatility and Variability

Superclub, the base game, is phenomenal. Add to that the Top 6 expansion and the Power House teams and the player cards that come with these and you have a very very strong set of players that allow for growth and ways to push towards the two winning conditions.

The Wildcards pack really diversifies and maximises the best parts of the game. It adds more versatility with the attacking and defensive midfielders, but also ways to affect your progress towards the win conditions. The veteran players losing stars as you go means you can prioritise short term success but may lose overall star value along the way. Coupled with the enforcer suddenly you have to fight to protect your vets. And finally the tactician and comeback specialist cards add another way to boost match play wins and use them as a different veritable when selecting a line up.

A great set of expansion cards with fun variables and concepts, I hope for more new ideas such as maybe a “set piece specialist” on a player and that allows you to roll a dice and say if you roll an odd number you gain an attacking point (like scoring a goal) or lose an attacking point (or multiple)

PSG player cards 2022/23
Martin Fuglsang
Best and worse of players

The licences players are great and a nice addon to any game. The waste pool of unlicensed talents are quite the disappointment and seems cheap, when you pay a premium price for the product.

Brilliant, just Brilliant

I've only played one game but it was amazing (already lined up more games).

Did have an issue but this was fixed very quickly.

Already looking at want extensions to purchase (already have the la liga).

You will not be disappointed if you purchase this game.

Superclub – English
Robert Onsøien

Love the game. Have been looking for a game that was similar to the old fotball game (tippeligaen) I hadd for early 2000 or some. Superclub is more than that. My friend and I plays for hours every weekend. Wish that instructions was in Norwegian, was little bit difficult at first, but we did get in the end.

Top Six
Ángel Verdugo
Juego increíble

Me encanta el juego, es súper adictivo