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FC Porto

Great addition to a fantastic game

Perfect cars

Huge fan of these 👍🏻

Great quality cards but…

I’m sorry guys, I know you have had this feedback before but the amount of youth cards and legend cards isn’t great. I find myself not including any.

Hey Stephen!

Thanks for your feedback regarding youth cards and Legends. We understand your concern regarding the talent cards, and we made some changes with the 23/24 version, where we included 'write-your-own-name' cards instead. As for the Legends cards, we believe they add a lot of value to the pack – and are truly unique cards. However, we appreciate your feedback on them.

Leander Rami
Sehr cooles Spiel!

Meine Kinder 11 und 13 Jahre alt spielen es sehr gerne und auch wir Erwachsenen haben viel Spaß. Schön das man die Kinder nicht vor einen Computer setzen muss, sondern es dieses Brettspiel gibt.

Football dream

This was a suprise. I can’t tell how much fun we had playing this game for hours. If you love football this game is a must have. Everything you dream doing in a football club is here: buying famous players, improving Stadium and training, playing agains you friends… WHAT A GAME!! I just need the expasion now but I dont have enough money for that. Can you give one to me SuperClub? Thank you SuperClub for this amazing opportunity of spreading joy with this experience.

Really amazing

Exactly a Game I was looking for!


Great addition to the already brilliant game

Carte meravigliose

Con questa espansione il gioco aggiunge variabilità e longevità. Sottolineo che il gioco base è già ottimo e godevolissimo così come è, ma con tutte le espansioni disponibili ognuno lo può adattare alle proprie esigenze fino a renderlo magico.


Sorry I am unable to leave a review because I bought the item as a Christmas gift for my grandson, I’m sure he will love it though.

One of the best board games ever created!

This really has been a surprise! The game is very cleverly structured to add all kinds of fun, even with only two people playing! And you don't even have to be a football enthusiast to enjoy the game! Congrats to the creator, he's given us enormous hours of fun!

Ottimo gioco da tavola!

Gioco decisamente ben fatto.
Utili le varie espansioni per avvicinarsi ancora di più alla realtà ….peccato non ci sia una espansione del campionato italiano …sarebbe il TOP!
Consigliato agli amanti di football manager

Arsenal Team

So good to get the update version of the players

Superclub – The football manager board game

City Cards

Nice work. Everything looks good!

Wild cards
Todd Gordon
Great Extensions

Purchased this last year and is far and away our favourite family game! Purchased the expansions recently and they have definitely added even more to an already brilliant game!

Great addition to the collection a must for all Chelsea and football fans alike

Super fast shipping!

Have yet to play the game as it is an Xmas present for my nephew (that I'm sure to be jumping in on come Xmas day!).
Just going by box size, weight and outward presentation for a board game I'm impressed and dying to rip it open, weight especially took me by surprise getting it out the delivery box!
Have to commend the incredibly fast shipping. Ordered around 1pm on a Thursday and it was in my hands not long after 12pm the next day. Great email communication throughout (and the emails gave me a chuckle). Well done Superclub team, hope to update when we have played!

Superclub – The football manager board game

Superclub – The football manager board game

Wild cards
Nadel Jorge

A wider range of strategies, plus additional surprises...
Love it!!

Jogo muito bom

Experimentei pela primeira vez esta semana e foi uma hora e meia de diversão e competição. Muito bom

Wild cards
Max Ludwig
Solid Extension would recommend

The Veterans really spice up the Game

Wild cards
Julian Steffens

I didn’t get my order till now

Top Six
Theo Johansson

A bit expensive but everyting else is perfect

FC BARCELONA Manager kit