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Jason Love

It really improves a game with 3 human players.

Nuno Fernandes

Great expansion to the game. I play with my son and it's so much enjoyable and exciting to have 4 more teams to play against.


Great little expansion that makes the game the game even better. Would definitely recommend you add these and other player packs to your collection, it adds so much more excitement to the draft/scouting/deadline day!


Macht richtig Spaß wie alles ! 😊😊😊

Top Six
Must have expansion

If you want the ultimate superclub experience, you need this! With 5 or 6 players it opens up for more fun for more people! Less sim games, and more excitement in the season.

Top Six
Marc Perello Viola

Top game

Fantastic expansion pack

Can’t wait to use in our SuperClub games

Superclub – The football manager board game

Family fun

Bought this to play with my 10 year old son. Rules are easy enough so that he can play without assistance. My wife, who isn't the biggest football and board game fan, always joins our games and really enjoys the game as well. Bottom line, this is a great game for fun family evenings.

Arsenal Manager kit
Kristin Egenberg


Gran juego de gestión de futbol.

Sencillo y dinámico. Gran juego de gestión, donde jugarás con tu equipo favorito.
Deseando que salgan los packs de la Juventus, Fluminense y River Plate.

Arsenal player cards 2023/24
Ruben Castillo La torre

Arsenal player cards 2023/24

Great expansion

The game is awesome. The german edition is very nice. We use it together with the spanish expansion. It means your squad doesnt grow to fast wich makes the game more tight the first seasons. Especially with the extra powerhouses. We really love it!!

We need more legends!

I really liked Barcelona cards you chose this year. I might have done some changes but it is fair. Also really liked the young players in it. I didn’t like the fact that there were no legends for Barcelona since other teams have them. I would have loved to see Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Eto’o, Ronaldinho, Messi… you know.

PSG player cards 2023/24
Ricardo Santana


Gioco spaziale

Gioco bellissimo. Como soglio le espansioni con i giocatori reali così da rendere il gioco ancora più bello!



Espectacular !!

Gran juego. Las fichas con imágenes actuales de los jugadores y muy completas.
Os animo a que lancéis los kits de entrenador y las cajas de fichas de más equipos españoles.
Enhorabuena por el juego.

Gioco stupendo fatto molto bene unica pecca che non riesco a trovare le wild card perché sono esaurite. Quando le rimettete in commercio. Mio figlio non vedo l'ora di averle

What a game!!

Very nice game!!
Fun to play with friends.
Also really noce to have video’s to explain the rules.

Bundesliga Expansion

The Layout and Design are very awesome and it's great to play with real players.
Also the choosen players for the Teams are mostly a good choice.
Two Things which may make the experience better:
Can you make for the next year Edition the Back Not specific - so you can mix player cards (Liverpool e.g.) with the Bundesliga Set.

In the 22/23 Edition you had for the developed players numbers from 1-99 with the same background. So it was very easy to find the needed developed player.
The New look for the back in the 23/24 with the Club Logo on the background looks pretty cool but it Takes longer to find the players.

This expansion takes the game to a whole new level! Playing with real players makes the game even more fun and exciting to play.

LaLiga 2023/24 expansion
Tomás Díaz Carrasco Díaz Carrasco
Buen complemento

Les encanta poder jugar con jugadores conocidos de sus equipos favoritos

Great fun for football lovers

The game is well thought of and guarantees for some great fun.
Really enjoyed going head to head with my mates!

Everything I could have asked for!

Received SuperClub and the Wild Card and Powerhouse expansions. Started out playing with just SuperClub, and absolutely loved it! Then I added the Wild Card expansion, and it only made the experience better. It just added an extra level of complexity to this already awesome game. Right now I have played about five games, and I am currently in the middle of a game that has lasted about three hours, where (I am playing with three people) everyone has lost the super cup final so far. My only critique would be the looong shipping time, but everything else is awesome. Would definitely recommend to any soccer fan, and if I could I would rate it ten stars😉