Manage your favourite players from Bundesliga

The German top division is known around the world for being a thrilling competition filled with exceptionally talented players โ€“ the Superclub Bundesliga expansion is, of course, no different. Itโ€™s as great for experienced Superclub managers as it is for newcomers to the game. Pick it up and start your Bundesliga career today.

Superclub โ€“ The football manager board game

Superclub is a 2โ€“4 player football manager board game that you play with your family and friends around the kitchen table instead of alone in front of a screen. It is brand new on the German market, but the game has received incredible reviews ever since it was first launched in English in late 2020.

How it works

Bundesliga 2023/24 expansion

Get ready to conquer the pinnacle of German football. The amazing Bundesliga Superclub expansion includes 234 unique player cards from all 18 clubs โ€“ all with player image and club crest, some with extra development cards. It also comes with a new player cards board enabling an entirely new way to play your favourite game.