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First league expansion!

In our very first season of licensed league expansions to Superclub, we are immensely proud to present: Bundesliga! The German top division is known around the world for being a thrilling competition filled with exceptionally talented players – the Superclub Bundesliga expansion is, of course, no different. It’s as great for experienced Superclub managers as it is for newcomers to the game. Pick it up and start your Bundesliga career today – and get 30% of Superclub!

Superclub – The football manager board game

Superclub is a 2–4 player football manager board game that you play with your family and friends around the kitchen table instead of alone in front of a screen. It is brand new on the German market, but the game has received incredible reviews ever since it was first launched in English in late 2020.

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Bundesliga 2022/23 expansion

This is a true 2-for-the-price-of-1 product. With the Bundesliga expansion, you can either 1) play the game as you normally would, but swap out the Superclub player cards for more than 200 real Bundesliga players, or 2) play with both sets of cards in an entirely new game mode. Your game, your expansion, your choice!

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