Special offer for Arsenal fans

Everyone knows just how good it is to be a Gooner, but today it just got even better! We have a special Superclub offer for you!

Superclub is a football manager board game that takes tactics to the next level, creates rivalries and produces elite talking points. Whether you are signing Martin Ødegaard to your squad or developing the best Hale End talent to their full potential, alongside using in-game characters that all have their story to tell, Superclub and Arsenal are a match made in footballing heaven, and one that needs to find its way to your living room!

Got a free Wednesday?

Get your friends round for a game! No plans on a Friday evening? Make it a Superclub special! Now you know about the game, let’s seal the deal with the world-exclusive Arsenal offer…

Want in? Here’s how.

Add the three products below to cart and use the code GOONERS20 at checkout to secure the greatest football board game in the world – at a bargain of a price! (Just in time for Christmas too!). Join the Superclub!

Offer is available until December 15th at 23.59 CET.

The Arsenal Super Bundle