Is Superclub the best football board game?

See what fans of Superclub are saying! Read our collection of reviews from families, friends, and football fans alike, and discover why so many people believe Superclub is the best football board game on the market.

Boys Night 😎

Reviews from groups of boys who enjoy playing the game together, either as a regular event or for special occasions.

Amazing fun outstanding quality

Got the game to play with the lads and we had the best time with it. Simple to learn and soo much fun to play.

- Terry

Buy this

Got the game to play with the lads and we had the best time. Simple to learn and soo much fun to play. This game is absolutely spot on and we will be buying the further expansion pack as well.

- Fiachra


It's like I'm back to when we bought Football Manager on PC, only this is a board game! It's super fun and super entertaining! I have played with people that are football fans and some that are not football fans. They all love it! Great job, lads!

- Helge

Last Roll Drama

As soon as I saw this game, I knew I had to buy it for the lads and me—early backer and not disappointed.

- Corey

Very professional

These guys replaced my board game (and included a bonus add-on) after some damage during shipping. I can say that Customer Experience was fully restored—very professional services. The game is awesome and is very suitable for a boy's night. A lot of fun among us.

For sure, this board game is a must-have for every football fan.

- Alin

As addictive as Football Manager (the video game) You’ve been warned!

Football Manager introduced an addictiveness rating to their game that was accurate and funny, “Remember to eat”, etc. This board game needs the same addictiveness rating. It’s that good.

I was sceptical about a few things, especially the match system. It didn’t seem realistic, but I was wrong. It’s great. To break the match down into thirds and have a midfield battle, the winner going on the attack works so well. The expansion adds utility players, which is a needed addition, in my opinion. This gives you some options with strategy. You know the team you’re facing has a couple of Van Dijt-level defenders, then move your 4-star utility up front to boost the attack. But then you discover they’ve gone with a 4-5-2 and overloaded their midfield, changing the whole shape of the match. Brilliant.

The off-season is so fun and necessary. You could be lucky and scout the elusive Garibaldi making your opponents green with envy or mad with rage! You could manage to train your young star from a 2-star to a 5-star in one off-season! Deadline day brings auctions to the forefront, and they get really competitive if the right players are on offer.

So much fun. Highly recommended!

- Mark

Family Fun 🥳

Reviews from families who have played the game together and enjoyed the experience, whether it's parents playing with their kids, siblings competing against each other, or grandparents joining in the fun (of playing the socks off their family members).

The greatest

Honestly, this game is just the absolute best. Hugely comprehensive and massively playable. I gave it to a family member on Xmas day and we played it all day. I even drove back there on Boxing Day so we could play another season! You have done a superb job of re-creating the level of management usually only seen in high-end computer games but in board game form. It is great for getting children to appreciate money, tactics and competition but also awesome fun for adults too!

- Mikey

Great Game!

I'm not a football fan, but I do like tabletop games, and this one is amazing! Highly recommended to anyone, it gets family and friends around the table for a great time.

- Josh

Brilliant game

I bought the game to take on holiday with my family for something new and different to play once the little people were in bed. It was brilliant, everyone loved it, and even my wife, who is no fan of football, played and really enjoyed it.

- Martin

SuperClub Nights!

So good, have arranged a regular evening with friends and family to compete. I already got another strategy to try for the next session and am keen to see if this one takes me to the top (the others have failed so far...!)

- Ian

Excellent and engrossing!

Got this to play with a family obsessed with Football Manager computer games - this was a brilliant way to bring some sociability to the table. Loved the game.

- Martin

I can't believe how good it is

I always wanted something like this game. When I first played this game with family, it was so awesome, and I just want to play it every day, it's so much fun! Thank you for letting me feel a life of a manager!

- Modestas

Couples Play 🥰

Reviews from couples who have enjoyed playing the game together, whether it's a regular date night activity or just something they do for fun.

Super Superclub!

Superclub is simply brilliant. A marathon of a game that seems to make time irrelevant. Even my girlfriend who isn’t really interested in football, said it was one of her favourite games! Quality product with fantastic gameplay and brilliant design.

- Adam

The special one!

Yesterday I gave Superclub a first try (like a pre-season friendly) against an inferior opponent (girlfriend) with my expansion version (the one with additional players and, of course, the golden Garibaldi!). What a blast! I knew I would enjoy the game, but we’re talking about love at first sight! It felt like scoring the winning goal in a World Cup final when I scouted Garibaldi and had him join my 6-star rising star in attack! The game is designed to please even the most demanding customer.

- Theodoros

Next Generation Managers 🏆

Superclub is more than just a board game – it's face-to-face bonding for young kids and families, with the added bonus of positive off-screen time. Hear from families who have discovered the joy of Superclub and how it creates lasting memories and strengthens relationships.

Perfect for the Family

My son saved his money for this after finding the Kickstarter site online, and although it took a while to arrive, we have already fallen in love with it. Our youngest was reluctant to play - she is not a fan of football - but apart from her star midfielder Escamilla's season-ending injury, she enjoyed it nonetheless. It does take time to understand the rules, but I would recommend this to most families.

- Alanna

Great buy

Brilliant game, and anyone can play. My kids love it, and even my wife now she’s won a Super cup final, hours of fun and rivalry for all, best game on the market.

- Ollie