Welcome to
the land of Superclubs

Every club in the Superclub universe is a little different, but they all dream of the same thing: Superclub status and the eternal glory that comes with it. Superclub Rivals is focused around the first step on that journey, putting your local rivals in their place. 

Blue Mountain United

An historical club from a the largest city in the nation, Blue Mountain has a sizable following all around the country. For generations, Blue Mountain has been a towering figure in the domestic football landscape but it’s now been years since United won anything of note.

xP focus

The fanbase is growing increasingly impatient and are crying out for change. One thing they don’t want to change: the Galactico approach of building a squad of superstars.

Red Valley Rovers

The oldest club in the country, perhaps ironically nicknamed «The Kids». This capital club has enjoyed periods of great success bookended by decades of trophy droughts throughout its history. The Kids are perhaps best know for their academy which continues to pump out incredible footballers even when the first team isn’t doing too well.

Talent focus

The difference between the good years and the bad can almost be summed up in one question: How long can they keep the talents at the club?

Yellow Bay Town

The picturesque resort town of Yellow Bay enjoys a very comfortable climate and, occasionally, some good football. The quality of living has sometimes enabled them to attract talent beyond their pedigree, but they remain a relatively small club who needs to maximize their resources. Hence, every piece of the squad puzzle must fit seamlessly with the others.

Chemistry focus

Yellow Bay is known for its incredible vibe, a place where team-building comes naturally.

Purple Plain Athletic

A remote and rather compact city surrounded by endless lavender fields, this self-sustaining community has managed to create a football club punching well above its hometown’s weight. In this part of the country – known to outsiders mostly for having a good football team and the leading national airline, people tend to wear multiple hats and have a can-do attitude. This has rubbed off on the team’s identity.

Versatility focus

The Athletes seemingly always produce players that can fulfill multiple roles equally well.

Pink River City

Made their first appearance in Superclub’s most popular expansion, Top Six, opposite their arch rivals Green Hill Rangers. While the battles with the Rangers are particularly fierce, City poses a real threat to any potential rivals.

Attacking focus

Pink River City can play any style of football. But if they had to choose, they would attack all day long. This is reflected in their core players and scouting shortlist, as is their status as a level 2 club.

Green Hill Rangers

This popular Top Six side enters the Superclub Rivals competition as firm fan favorites. The island they share with their nemesis Pink River City is the only non-volcanic island in the world which regularly erupts … on derby days.

Defensive focus

Green Hill Rangers are a solid level 2 team. A good defense is the best offense – that’s how the saying goes on Green-land. Expect to see plenty of defensive talent in the core group and shortlist. Draft and buy some offensive talent, and you might witness something truly special.

Orange Beach FC

Much like the city cultivates the sweetest oranges in the land, Orange Beach FC is widely known for cultivating the finest footballers. This level 3 Powerhouse is a real force to be reckoned with in Superclub Rivals.

Talent focus

The secret to great talent devlopment is to get them when their young, help them fulfill their potential and point them towards your rivals. Or sell them for a decent profit and reinvest the money in the club. Your call, boss.

Brown Park FC

Brown Park FC view footballers like other people view seasoned musicians on stage – they expect a great performance every time. No mistakes, no excuses. And preferably a little magic to go along with the faultless show. This is a level 3 Powerhouse, after all.

xP focus

The type of quality that the Browns are looking for does not come cheap. But as boss of Brown Park FC, you have to be willing to pay for the sure thing. This club does not gamble.

Black Lake FC

Stronger together. That’s the motto of Black Lake FC. As talented as every individual in the Black Lake system is, the emphasis of the club is on having their players work together for maximum impact. That’s how they became a level 3 Powerhouse, and that’s how they plan to continue dominating.

Chemistry focus

Develop units with strong chemistry bonds and watch the results – and trophies – start to stack up. That’s the Black Lake FC way.

White Peak FC

One great skill doth not a great player make. White Peak FC firmly believes this. Truly great players have to be interchangeable pieces of the larger puzzle, in order to catch the opponents off guard and outsmart them on the pitch. Level 3 Powerhouses are not made by being predictable.

Versatility focus

There are 8 legal formations in Superclub Rivals, and a typically versatile White Peak FC squad can beat you with all of them – at any time.