This is Superclub

This 2-6 player competitive game places you in the manager seat of a newly promoted football club – with everything that entails.

Balance funds, stadium expansions and scouting. Buy superstars and develop hot prospects. Implement your tactics and react to unforeseen game changers – all while pushing for points in a competitive league consisting of your family and friends all battling for the ultimate victory – the Superclub trophy.

The gameplay is fast, decisions made instantly, but long-term thinking is rewarded. Spend your money wisely, decide your tactics carefully, because while you might be a footballing genius, your friend across the table might be sitting on a Game Changer you didn’t expect.

Core game

• Game rules
• Game board
• Draft board
• 237 player cards
• 18 SuperCup cards
• 20 Key staff cards
• 37 Game changer cards
• 24 Investment cards
• 4 Point markers
• 6 Captain boosts
• 4 Squad tokens
• 4 Club pads
• 4 Manager folders