Superclub signs with Asmodee Italy

Superclub signs with Asmodee Italy
We’re proud to announce Asmodee Italy as our new distributor of Superclub products to retailers and football fans all over the boot-shaped, football-fanatic country starting today.

«We’re thrilled to work with Asmodee Italy. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for our growing community of Italian fans, making Superclub easily accessible across the country. We’re very grateful to partner with such a reputable distributor as Asmodee Italy, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds, says CEO of Superclub, Kjetil Hetlevik Johansen.

Given Asmodee Italy’s incredible reach and expertise, we expect great things from the partnership, and the expectations are mirrored in Asmodee Italy.

«At Asmodee Italy, we are excited about this new partnership, and we can’t wait to bring a truly one-of-a-kind game to an ever-wider audience», says Marketing Manager Ilaria Tosi.

«This game brings football to life from an original and unexplored perspective, for a board game. In a country in love with this sport, and where everyone feels like a coach, Superclub will finally give the opportunity to test one’s managerial and management skills of a football team», she continues.

About Superclub

Superclub AS is a young game studio from Haugesund, Norway. Their first title, Superclub – the football manager board game, has set a new standard within non-digital football games, and the studio continues to innovate and experiment as they strive to create the best football experience possible off the pitch.

About Asmodee Italy

Asmodee Italy is a publishing house that localizes, publishes and distributes board games and role-playing games. As part of the famous French group Asmodee, one of the main international game publishers, it boasts a wide assortment of innovative titles, including some of the most successful phenomena of recent years: Dobble, Cortex, Dixit, Ticket To Ride, Concept lines and Exploding Kittens.

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