Introducing Superclub+

Real players. Real clubs. Real leagues. Welcome to the home of Superclub+.

Frequently asked questions

To make it easier for both new and experienced Superclub fans to navigate through our universe, we’re introducing Superclub+ as a product category.

You’ll find all our licensed expansions under the Superclub+ umbrella.

+League expansions
+Club Player cards
+Club Manager kits

Superclub + real players + real clubs + real leagues = Superclub+

A manager kit is club branded and contains a team folder, club pad, investment cards, notebook, dice, and point marker.

In other words, the manager kit lets you manage your favourite club in the game. If you want to add club players, you will also need a player card pack or a league expansion.

The manager kit does not include real players. If you want to play with club players, you will need a player card pack or a league expansion.

The league expansions contain 2 gameplay elements: player cards and a new draft board.

With the Bundesliga expansion, you get 234 real players, and in LaLiga you get 240.

Superclub is an excellent game by itself, letting you play with 2-4 managers. However, many of our customers expand their game with either real players or more of the fictional content from the Superclub universe.

Most customers start with Superclub and add more to it later on, but if you want to play with more than 4 managers, you need either the Top Six expansion or a manager kit.