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LaLiga 2023/24 expansion
Alessandro Cavioni
Must have

This expansion is very good, one you start playing with real payers you never get back 😉

Great game

Sometimes the game goes by too fast. Especially if someone has a better team than others. However, great game !

Superclub – The Original
Brendan Jennings
Great for all

Played this with my eldest two sons, one is 16 and loves football, the other is 12 doesn't like football but loves a boardgame. This ticked all the boxes and we all thoroughly enjoyed it, even after 2 hours of play they both said it was not long enough to for the fun they were having. Extremely easy to pick up and play. Any confusion on rules are easily sorted by the online video. We will be buying extension packs to make the game bigger and more fun.

LaLiga 2022/23 expansion
Andreas Iwerbäck
So much fun

Great expansion to a great game! A must buy

AC Milan Manager kit
Mihael Matijasevic

I really like the manager kit becuase its black. Most of the other kits are red or blue which is a little tricky if all the pieces on the board are red.
So i hope superclub will add more clubs with different colors ;-)

Awesome game

It has so many aspects and variables. I have only tried it three times, but I’m thrilled about this game. Well done!

Great game

Its a great game but you need a lot of time to play the whole game.

Ignacio Leon Rodriguez



Loved it. I would definitely recommend getting the powerhouse expansion if you are going to play with only 2 or 3 players.

Bundesliga 2023/24 expansion
Mihael Matijasevic
Theres only one thing missiing …

I love the bundesliga expansion so far and i understand that you guys could not put in every player from every club … but the club legend from bayern munich, the one and only THOMAS MÜLLER is a must have and you forgot him and put in Choupo-Moting instead. SHAME ON YOU SUPERCLUB :-P


Really Good but i thought that i get more players

Greatest game since the invention of monopoly

So i have always been a big monopoly fan and have collected different versions of it and i guess today i own areound 30 different themed games.
But at some point it got boring and i eventually stopped playing boardgames that much. AND THEN SUPERCLUB CAME INTO MY LIFE !!!
I saw an add on instagram and could not believe that there is such a game which combines football, management and boardgames. Since i am a big football fan and member of bayern munich for almost 30 years and of course i am a hobby manager of the team and think about the evolvement of the club and discuss transfers of new players with friends this was the perfect game for me. I ordered it instantly, with the bayern munich manager kit and player cards of course, and could not wait for the mailman to bring me the box. But when i had it in my hands i realized that i have a big problem now because i need a lot of people to play this. I called my three best buddys and it was hard to find a date where everybody had time since they are all married and have kids, but eventuelly we agreed on a date and ended up playing superclub for the first time for about 6 hours. Man i was hooked and i was addicted from the start. So i ordered the top 6 expansion so next time i could play it with 5 friends. So the next meeting was a few weeks later and we played for another 7 hours and the new guys were hooled too. But the problem was still the time management and every time some of us were playing the game and others could not make it they were really sad. So i had the idea of making some kind of leagues since one friend lives in the south of the city (Hamburg) and the other in the north an i live right in the center, i told them to get their buddys to play with them and i would always be there and bring the game. Now this is a happening every two weeks and i sill plan to make it happen more often by inviting 2 more new faces every time we play. So we hook new people and they tell it all to their friend. Now the others also baught the game and the comunity keeps on expanding. In the meantime ialso ordered the powerhouse expansion so we cacn poay with it when we dont get at least 4 guys together. And then of course i wanted the wild cards and they were sold out everywhere but denmark. So i asked around if somebody knew anybode from denmark and found a girl on facebook who knew somebody who knew somepne from kopenhagen. So i contacted this girl and she was so kind to order the wild cards for me and send them to my adress in germany which took like three weeks but i finally got them. After we became a comunity of around 20 people i now ordered the bundesliga expansion because every time we play i have something new for the guys to present and can keep them amazed every time with your products. One frind had the idea to design own players with our names and images so this is our next project. And another friend who is originally from croatia like i am i going to design superclub cards with all the croatian national players through out the whole history of the national team. So far he has over 150 player cards. This we will play with all our croatian friends. By the way i also got some people hooked in my home country. I bought a friend the game for his birthday and now he is keeping getting his friends in croatia superclub addicted.
And the last thing that is superclub connected that happend to me was a good friend of mine who is amazed by all my superclub storys but she lives far away and cant afford the game so she cut little peaces of paper in different colors and wrote the names of the players on it and now we are plying superclub over the webcam and have so much fun, i would say even more fun then i have with 5 of my buddys playing it in real life. Together we also pledged for the Rivals game on kicksztarter and cant wait to get it and that we can play this one just the two of us. So i have to thank you for this wonderful game. I hope you will continue with new expansions and other packages for superclub and i cant wait to get it all and share it with my friends. Keep on the good work and once again THANK YOU VERY VERSY MUCH FOR SUPERCLUB ❤️

Bundesliga 2022/23 expansion

Kevin Koch
Macht die Duelle noch hitziger als sie eh schon sind

Das Powerhouse Upgrade lohnt sich vor allem für alle Spieler, die bisher eher zu zweit oder dritt gespielt haben denke ich. Die etwas nervigen Simulationen werden durch weitere spannende Matches ausgetauscht, was noch mehr Nervenkitzel erzeugt und tieferes Taktikgeschick erfordert. Die Leadertraits und neuen Keystaff Member sind auch spannend. Wirklich gelungene Erweiterung die ich wirklich nur weiterempfehlen kann! Aber Achtung, die ersten beiden Saisons werden damit viel härter, gegen die Powerhouses muss man sich erstmal beweisen…

Great Game!

Top class!

Not necessary, still great

Not necessary at all for enjoying superclub, but it does make the game more engaging if your friends follow inernational football. Would in that case highly recommend. Delivery was swift (2 days).

At the current price I will most likely not buy any more player expansions than Laliga/Bondusliga. To expensive to update every year for something that does not change the mechanics of the game. Still, buying Laliga and bondusliga 1-time is worth it.

Jason Love

It really improves a game with 3 human players.

Nuno Fernandes

Great expansion to the game. I play with my son and it's so much enjoyable and exciting to have 4 more teams to play against.


Great little expansion that makes the game the game even better. Would definitely recommend you add these and other player packs to your collection, it adds so much more excitement to the draft/scouting/deadline day!


Macht richtig Spaß wie alles ! 😊😊😊

Top Six
Must have expansion

If you want the ultimate superclub experience, you need this! With 5 or 6 players it opens up for more fun for more people! Less sim games, and more excitement in the season.

Top Six
Marc Perello Viola

Top game

Fantastic expansion pack

Can’t wait to use in our SuperClub games

Superclub – The football manager board game

Family fun

Bought this to play with my 10 year old son. Rules are easy enough so that he can play without assistance. My wife, who isn't the biggest football and board game fan, always joins our games and really enjoys the game as well. Bottom line, this is a great game for fun family evenings.