Powerhouses expansion rules 🇬🇧

The main function of this Powerhouses expansion to Superclub is to replace the Simulated matches (SIM) from the original game with something a little more challenging and less random. It introduces 4 new clubs to the Superclub universe and ensures 5 matches in every season – with all the injuries and Game changers that follow. Have fun wiping the floor with those stupid Powerhouses! Here’s how it works 👇


Place the Powerhouses board at the bottom of the Superclub board. Shuffle the green -Season cards and place on the board. Select as many Powerhouse clubs as you need to bring the total number of clubs (Managers + Powerhouses) to six. If fewer than 4 Powerhouse clubs, place them in the slot with the lowest available number (slot 1 if 5 managers, slots 1 and 2 if 4 managers, slots 1, 2 and 3 if 3 managers). It does not matter in which slot you place which Powerhouse. Shuffle the player cards and Key staff into the main decks. Keep the Powerhouses developed players as a separate deck.


Draft and play the Off-season as normal. Powerhouses do not select any player cards, collect funds or invest in infrastructure. They do not count as managers towards the number of player cards being available on Deadline Day.


Before the season starts, turn one Season card from the Powerhouses board and place it face up at the top of the Season cards pile. Place each Powerhouse’s squad token on the corresponding number (+ points for unplayed matches – see table to the right) on the main game board.

With 2–4 managers in the game, Powerhouses will have fewer than five matches during the season (as they do not play each other). They automatically draw those matches, giving two points per match.

2 Managers + 4 Powerhouses =
+ 6 extra points for all Powerhouses

3 Managers + 3 Powerhouses =
+ 4 extra points for all Powerhouses

4 Managers + 2 Powerhouses =
+ 2 extra points for all Powerhouses

5 Managers + 1 Powerhouses =
+ 0 extra points (all matches played)

During the season, there are two different modes:

Mode A – Simultaneous Powerhouses matches:

The quickest and most streamlined way to play with 2-4 managers, is for every manager to play the same Powerhouse at the same time.

To start, roll one die to decide who will be Manager 1, 2 (and 3, 4, 5 if applicable) in the first season. Highest roll is Manager 1 etc.

Follow the fixture list on the back of this booklet. The numbers starting with M (M1, M2, M3, M4) represent the managers-only order (excluding Powerhouses), so they will most likely not be identical to the numbers on the captain’s boost chip from season two and onwards.


In a game with 2 Managers and 4 Powerhouses, where Manager A finish 3rd and Manager B finish 5th, Manager A will be M1 and Manager B will be M2 in the fixture list the following season.

Powerhouses are always the same number on the fixture list as they are on the Powerhouses board, not the Captain boost.

Powerhouse in slot number 1 =
Powerhouse in slot number 2 = PH2
Powerhouse in slot number 3 = PH3
Powerhouse in slot number 4 = PH4

Mode B – Separate Powerhouses matches:

Instead of playing the matches against the Powerhouses at the same time, you can play them separately as if they were real managers. To play this mode, simply follow the fixture list for Mode B on the back of the game rules regardless of the number of Managers/Powerhouses in the game.

In Mode B, Powerhouses’ number on the fixture list is the same as on their Captain boost, just like managers in a regular game of Superclub.

In season one their number is the same as their Powerhouse slot.

Matches against ­Powerhouses:

The formation card shows everything you need to know about an opponent. Their strength in each third and where to apply the Captain boost bonus.

: In Mode A, the Powerhouse always attacks first (after the midfield battle) because when multiple managers are playing the same Powerhouse at the same time, outcomes of the midfield battle will vary. If the match is settled after 2 thirds for one or more of the managers, those managers should avoid rolling on the third to avoid injuries, as they would in a normal game. Game changers are allowed against Powerhouses with the following exception: Secret weapons that you play before the match.

Each Powerhouse has 4 different formation they utilize:

 Attack and midfield focused
 Attack and defense focused
 Midfield and defense focused

This makes the Key staff members allowing managers to look at and discard one or two formation cards very valuable, as you know more about what you won’t be facing, and therefore what you’re likely to come up against.

In case of both Seenit Ahl + Isev Rivear are in play, both managers select one formation card to look at. The manager with Isev Rivear also gets to see the card selected by the manager with Seenit Ahl. The same manager can only have 1 of these Key staffers. It doesn’t make sense for any team to employ more than 1 of them at a time, as the same rule would apply and you’ll only get to see two formation cards.

Season 1:

Shuffle the formation cards and let the manager with the lowest number on the schedule (M1 in mode A) pick one. Look at it before all managers set their team up. At the start of the game, the Powerhouses are so superior to you that they don’t change their style when up against the human managers. There are no Captain boosts in season 1.

Play the match as a normal match, with M1 rolling for the Power-house. Powerhouses get no injuries or Game changer cards.

Season 2 and onwards:

Set up your team and place the Captain boost before the manager with the lowest number on the schedule (M1 in Mode A) picks the formation card. If you have a Key staff member giving you access to one or two of the formations you won’t be facing, look at these before you set up your team.

End of season:

Powerhouses can’t win the game. The winning criteria of Superclub almost remain the same as in the original game. The only change: two SuperCup cards are enough to play the final. Powerhouses don’t receive income, pay wages, invest in infrastructure or Key staff or buy/sell players. However, Powerhouses do get SuperCup card for winning a season. They’ll never play the final, but if one Powerhouse get’s 3 SuperCup cards, all 6-star player’s in the game leave their respective clubs. Receivescoutingprice (found by the handshake symbol in the bottom of the player cards) from the bank as a transfer fee for each player.

Leader trait:

The Powerhouses expansion introduces traits to Superclub players for the first time. When playing with the leader trait mechanism, a player card must have this trait in order to get the full effect of the Captain boost.

If you don’t have a Leader, the Captain boost is halved. Traits are not active for a player playing out of position.

Captain Boost without leader

+6 = +3
+5 = +2,5
+4 = +2
+3 = +1,5 
+2 = +1
+1 = +0,5

A midfielder with a leader trait would still only get half the Captain boost if selected as captain while playing as an attacker.

Look for the captian symbol on the player cards:

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