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First Superclub season in Germany!

We are proud to present our first licensed German Superclub: FC Bayern München! Two separate FC Bayern expansion packs are available right now, and they work with either the German or English version of the game. If you’re completely new to the game, the FC Bayern München bundle – with 3 products combined – is a great way to get started.

Superclub – The football manager board game

Superclub is a 2–4 player football manager board game that you play with your family and friends around the kitchen table instead of alone in front of a screen. It is brand new on the German market, but the game has received incredible reviews ever since it was first launched in English in late 2020.

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FC Bayern München Manager kit

This product lets you take charge of Bayern München as a Superclub manager, with a club branded manager folder, club pad, Allianz Arena stadium card and much more. It also expands the maximum number of managers from 4 to 5, providing even more friendly competition around the table.

FC Bayern München Player cards 2022/23

Are you ready to scout, sign and train your favourite players in your favourite game? The licensed FC Bayern Player cards pack contains the entire FC Bayern first team squad, with real images and names. Introducing real players into the Superclub universe takes the immersion to a completely new level!

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