What’s new? Next year’s licensed expansion lineup explained.

We’ve learned a lot during our amazing first year of licensed Superclub content. For the upcoming 2022/23 season, we’ll make a few important changes and introduce some really cool features.
What’s new? Next year’s licensed expansion lineup explained.

Note! Purple Plain Athletic is one of the four clubs in the original Superclub game. The products shown above will not be available to purchase and are solely meant as illustrations of what our licensed club products will look like next season.

Club expansions

8 new clubs will join Arsenal and Manchester City as official licensors to Superclub in 2022/23. Some of them are already announced, and the rest will be made official over the coming weeks.

Here are the key changes and news you need to know about:

  • The club products will be split into two separate products for each club: a manager kit and a players pack.
  • The manager kit will be a non-seasonal product that won’t need to be upgraded season by season. We’re talking: club branded manager folder, club pad and investment cards (stadium, training facilities and scouting network), Field notes, squad token, points marker and dice. The player cards will be removed from this box, but we have added some generic club legends cards for fans to enjoy.
  • The players pack will be a cards-only product with an up-to-date squad from each club. This product will be less expansive and thus easier for our customers to upgrade each year. It also makes it easier for Superclub fans who are not fans of that particular club to acquire more licensed player cards, without having to invest in the entire club setup.

League expansions

We’re very excited about the upcoming licensed league expansions with LaLiga and Bundesliga. These expansions will basically be huge player cards expansions, with a vast number of players from every club in the respective leagues.

In fact, the number of player cards in these expansions will be sufficient for our customers to swap out the ordinary Superclub player cards for either LaLiga or Bundesliga players and only use them for the entire game. But of course, it will also be possible to play using both native Superclub players and licensed league players at the same time.

On the market this fall

We’re confident that all these news and changes will make the whole Superclub experience even better for our lovely customers, and we can’t wait to share the products with you once the transfer window is closed and all the up-to-date club squads can be sent to print.

Until then, enjoy your summer!

The Superclub team