League expansions are true game-changers

What it is, how it works and why you need it.
League expansions are true game-changers

By now, you’re probably familiar with Superclub as well as some of our expansion packs. If not, here’s a quick summary of the products currently on the market.

Superclub: our main game for 2–4 players. All other gaming products are expansions to this game. 

Top Six and Powerhouses are our native (non-licensed) expansions with fictional teams and players. 

Licensed Club Manager kits and Player cards gives you a chance to manage your favourite club and introduces your favourite players into the game. 

What is a league expansion?

In short, it’s a giant pack of licensed player cards with more than a full 11 from every single team in the respective league. You'll find a great mix of superstars, talents, fan-favourites, squad players and every other category of player. 

Given that talents are included, you’ll also find development cards for their entire journey to fulfill their potential.

In addition to the player cards, the league expansion comes with a new draft/world of football board that you can choose to use together with the original one, or all by itself for a pure game of either LaLiga or Bundesliga.

How does a league expansion work?

It’s very simple. Either replace the player cards and draft/world of football board with the content in the expansion and play a pure LaLiga/Bundesliga game of Superclub.

Or use both boards (on opposite ends of the main game board) and all the cards you have in a giant, extremely card-rich race to the top of the table. 

Ultimately, you decide how to use it. (But we obviously make strong recommendations in the rulebook that comes with the expansion.)

Why you need a league expansion?

If you like to play with real players either instead of – or in combination with – our beloved Superclub players, the league expansions are a no-brainer. Well over 200 unique player cards in each expansion gives you extremely good value for money. 

Also, the league expansions offer an entirely new way to play the game by adding a second draft/world of football board that you, if you have room on your table, absolutely should give a go. 

Do you want more variation in terms of players available in the game, more real players that you have a pre-existing relationship with, a chance to assemble your dream team from your favourite league?

Then you need one or both of these brilliant expansions!

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