How it works

Refresh your knowledge by watching a quick 5-minute video on how Superclub works. Alternatively, download the rules below.

Rogers masterclass

Go beyond the rules and explore the various aspects of the game. Roger, the Spanish translator of Superclub, is an abundant source of Superclub knowledge, and he doesn't mind sharing.

Investment strategy

One of the first dilemmas we find in a game of Superclub is what to use our investment actions on. (Scouting, training, stadium and Key staff) Learn more.

Tactics and formations

Do you have a good squad, but you struggle to win your matches? As in real football, when two teams have more or less the same level, anything can happen. Read more.

Choosing players in the draft

The players you sign during this stage will have an influence on your future strategies, tactics, investments, and even on your chances to win the game. Read more.