Rogers masterclass: Tactics and formations

Rogers masterclass: Tactics and formations

Do you have a good squad, but you struggle to win your matches? As in real football, when two teams have more or less the same level, anything can happen, and luck plays an important part, of course, but tactics do as well. So, here are a few tactical tips for you to win more matches.

Win two thirds

Of course, everything starts with the draft, so it’s important to choose the right players. And there’s one thing that you should have in mind: you win a match by winning two of the three thirds. Not all three of them. So, sometimes it’s good to focus all of your team’s strength on two thirds. It’s a risky move, because if you lose one of these two strong thirds, you will probably lose the match – since you will most probably lose your weakest third as well, but most of the time it’s more effective than just trying to have three competitive thirds.

For instance, if you have weak attackers and good midfielders and defenders, you may want to play with a 4-4-2 or a 3-5-2 formation so that you focus on winning your midfield and your defence –you would probably lose with a 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 when playing with your weak attackers anyway–. And, of course, add your captain boost to one of these two strong thirds to try and secure a win.

Outsmart your opponent

Bear in mind that your opponents will probably have their own strong thirds as well. So if you’re playing against a team with a very strong midfield and weaker attack, just like your team, you will need to strengthen your midfield even more – it will be the key to win the match! So make sure you use a 3-5-2 formation with the captain boost and your best players in the midfield – your strong defence should defeat their weaker attack anyway.

On the other hand, when your opponent has a very strong attack, with a 3-3-4 with amazing attackers, you should probably play in a 4-4-2 formation, with your captain boost in the defence. You will probably win the midfield and lose the attack, so you definitely need your defence to win against their strong attack.

Be unpredictable

Just like you’re observing your opponents and adapting to them, they will probably be observing your tactics and formation to outsmart you, so unless you are really dominant, it would be a good idea not to play with the same formation and players in every match. This way, your next opponent may not know how to play to defeat you.

(Field notes are great for keeping control over your team and your opponents' team.)

Make the most of your squad

Pay attention to the chemistry stars and the different combinations you can use make with your players. Sometimes it may be good to use a player out of position despite losing half a star for every third they move across. For instance, say you have a 3-star defender in your starting eleven, but you have a 4-star midfielder on the bench whose chemistry matches that of another defender. Playing him out of position instead of the 3-star defender will make your defence stronger, since he will be worth 3.5 stars and furthermore he will add one extra star to your defence because of his chemistry with that other defender. These extra 1.5 stars could decide the outcome of the third… and the match!

In conclusion, focus on two strong lines, at least during matches, but also have a little bit of squad depth so that you are able to adapt to your opponents and change your formation when needed. So, sign the right players and if you get a good Key Staff card to boost your strong lines, even better.

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